Monday, February 15, 2010

v-day and some running news.

Hullo everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend!

Shaun and I are not super into V-Day, but we did go out to dinner on Saturday. We tried to go The Keg, but there was a 1.5 hour wait! Um. No. So we went to one of our little neighbourhood favourites, Cafe California. I had filet mignon (YUM) and even splurged on a piece of carrot cake. (I realized I have not once ordered dessert, in the whole time I’ve been on WW. Crazy, no? So I decided it was TIME. And man, did I enjoy that cake.)

Then we came home for a double feature of movies. I picked When Harry Met Sally, and he picked Zombieland. Ha ha! What a pair.

On Sunday we did very little but lounge around. In the evening we did manage a stroll to Indigo, where Shaun bought me these two books:

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Although I hate the term ‘clean eating’ (hello, food nazi-ism), I do believe in some of the principles, so I thought this might be interesting. Sadly it seems a little lacking in actual information. But I liked the recipes and food ideas, so not a total wash.

I’ve only just started Running For Mortals, but so far I like it. It addresses a lot of stuff on why and how to start running, which is not so relevant for me at this point, but it also addresses where to go and what to do in the first year of your running career, which is kind of an area I think is lacking in a lot of running literature. I’m no elite athlete, and frankly not even looking at breaking a 30 minute 5K, but I’m not a total noob now either, and I have been kind of at a loss with what to do with myself now, running-wise.

OH YEAH, which brings me to a totally exciting bit of news: I SIGNED UP FOR A 10K!! Yes, this May I will be running the SportingLife 10K, straight down Yonge Street. How fun! But scary! The day I signed up I spent a good 2 hours feeling like I might pee myself. But now I’m more at peace with it.If I can go from running 0K to 5K in three months, then surely I can go from 5K to 10K in the same amount of time, right? RIGHT?

Anyway! Tomorrow is my weigh-in, after I had to miss last week’s, so I’ll definitely be back with an update. I’ve been trying a few new things the past couple of weeks, so this weigh-in should be interesting. Will I finally lose some new weight??? Check back tomorrow to find out! :)