Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hodge, podge.

Hello monkeys! Nothing major to say tonight but I wanted to check in, so here we'll have a bit of miscellanea.

  • I am delighted to say that this week of being ON TRACK is so far going swimmingly! Two days in and I've already worked out twice, plus I have another Boot Camp tomorrow, and I've made plans to meet some friends for a YOGA CLASS on Sunday! I'm new to yoga so I'm peeing my pants looking forward to that. 
  • I have been having major cravings for red meat and peanut butter. I guess maybe my body is in need of protein? Or fat? 
  • Had the best salad for lunch today, but I forgot to take a picture. Don't worry though, I plan to eat the same thing again tomorrow, so you'll get to see that one. :)
  • Have been watching CSI obsessively for the past few months (I'm now on Season 5 of the DVDs) and now I'm watching the episode with the guy who wears diapers and has a baby fetish. Ha ha ha! I feel like I've seen this episode approximately 1 million times. 
That's about all I got tonight! Sorry for the lackluster report. Tell me something that you did today!