Monday, April 12, 2010

it’s hot to be BOT.

First of all, massive thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. You are all tres wise. And very good at keeping me grounded, and I do thank you for that. Honestly I would not be here today without all the amazing feedback I get from all of you (both the positive support and the gentle ‘suck it up’s. :) Both are equally appreciated.)

Of course, despite all your great comments, I still spent the day feeling quite sorry for myself, and more so when I stepped on the scale and saw that I am almost sure to have a gain at my weigh-in tomorrow. I was a total WOE IS ME monster all day.

But I have grown a lot from when I first started this journey, and one thing I now have very little patience for is the WOE IS ME monster. Especially when it comes to weight loss. We are all in charge of our own health. No one puts food in our mouth except us. No one forces us to eat corn chips, or skip the gym, or order a pizza instead of making a proper dinner. No one else made us fat – we did that all by ourselves. And no one else is going to lose weight for us – we gotta do that one on our own too.

And you know what? That is AWESOME. How amazing that it can be so easy to master your destiny. There are so many things in this world we can’t control – our boss’s mood, our cat’s heart murmur, the price of houses, our parents’ relationship, the colour of the sky and the number of the clouds. But you know what we CAN control? What we eat. How we move. The size and strength of our heart and our will and the number of times we get back up after a fall. How amazing, all that we can do.

So I am dedicating this week to being totally BOT – Back On Track. Because it’s hot to be BOT, dontcha know? We all fall down but the coolest thing in the world is to get back up.

So my goals for this week:
- Don’t eat any activity points
- Drink only one time (half bottle of wine or less, no beer)
- No chips or chip replacements (Pop Chips, lentil chips, pita chips, popcorn, etc. Not cause they’re inherently bad, they just trigger the munchies for me!)
- Go to Booty Camp 2x, go to gym or for outdoor run 2x (may substitute one gym session with one yoga class)
- Try one new recipe and blog it
- Focus on whole, natural foods and NO PUMPKIN SCONES DAMN YOU STARBUCKS

So that’s that. The WOE IS ME monster has been tucked deep into the closet and I am back to my usual and annoying peppy self. :) Do you need to get back on track this week? How are you going to do it? It’s hot to be BOT, I say!