Thursday, April 8, 2010

I’m back … with a gain and a few photos.

Well hello there! I am returned. Shaun’s mom was staying with us for the past week, (which was actually quite fun!) and it kind of threw off my blogging schedule. Not to mention that I was eating out a lot and not making the world’s best choices – did you really want to see a picture of a chicken breast stuffed with cheese and sausage and smothered in more cheese? Ha ha ha! Yes, I did eat that and yes, it was delicious, but I would never be so cruel as to make you all look at it! ;)

Anyway, the end result of this week of indulgences had me up 1.6 at weigh in on Tuesday. Which honestly, is not too bad! And it all seems to be gone now after just a couple days back on track, so I guess it was mostly sodium. So that’s great. And after about 5 days of eating out and munching on Easter chocolates, I really and truly was anxious to go back to my ‘regular’ way of eating – that makes me feel great! Even though there’s still a part of me that loves binging and feeling stuffed and full of crap, there’s an equally big part of me that doesn’t anymore, and that’s HUGE. I never thought I would make that switch, and I thought it would always be a struggle to eat well. Now it’s about half and half. I call that progress. :)
Let’s see, what else –
  • Booty camp started back up! I had my first session on Tuesday and my second one tonight. I did my first three camps with Kelly but her new location is just too far for me so I’ve switched to a new instructor – Jannah! So far I really like her. (And you can even see her on the Booty Camp DVD if you have it – she’s in the Intermediate level workout and the Bring The Heat Cardio!)

  • My 10K is in just 3.5 weeks and I am so not ready! Ouff. The race is about 6 miles and my longest run so far has been 4 miles -- and to be honest, even running 3 miles (5K) still takes a lot out of me. So we will see. I mean, I’m going to do it regardless, but it’s probably going to suck. (And maybe there is a time limit? Not sure!)

  • Had our first patio beer of the season – always a momentous occasion. :) Here I am enjoying a pint of Rickard’s White. Love wheat beers in the spring / summer!

And my handsome date!


(PS: I didn’t realize how ridiculous these sunglasses looked until I saw this picture! Ha ha! I bought them when I was much heavier, so maybe they suited me more then, when my face was rounder? At least that’s what I’ll tell myself!)

Anyway, that’s about it. Plus I’m off tomorrow! I plan to do a little shopping at the Eaton Centre (I seriously need some spring clothes and to stop wearing the same cardigan from Joe Fresh every single day.) I also plan to hit up Whole Foods or possibly The Big Carrot for a few fun groceries. I guess I should also try to squeeze in a run but this hacking cough is making that not sound too appealing. We shall see.

Oh, and just so we get one food photo in here – here was my delicious pre-boot camp meal for tonight:

Egg with goat cheese and roasted red pepper, on Ezekiel bread. So yum.