Saturday, April 3, 2010

a nice day for a 5k.

Hello! I apologize for the lack of updates these past couple days! I have been a busy girl. :) Shaun’s mom is staying with us, so we’ve been hanging out with her and doing a few fun things. It’s been great! This is my first time meeting her, and I think it’s going well. :)

I did find time today to get up bright and early (well, not TOO early!) and go run a 5k!

A couple weeks ago, my friends invited me to join them at the Harry’s Spring Run-Off – a 5K to benefit prostate cancer. I hemmed and hawed a little, but decided to go. I’m glad I did!


This was my 2nd 5K, and much bigger than the first one I participated in. This actually came with swag, and was chip timed. I had a good time!


It was a great day for a race! Hello tank tops on Easter weekend! A first for me, I think.

We actually got there at a good time. We had just enough time to pick up our packets and chips, use the washroom, and stalk Jack Layton and Olivia Chow.


Then we were off! Shaun said spotting me in my red and white tank top was totally like playing Where’s Waldo? Hahaha!

Where’s Andrea?


There she is! (Is there such a thing as a flattering running photo? If so I would like to see it.)


All in all, a great time! The course was very pretty, and the crowd was pretty big and lively so I had a good time just looking around at everything. The running part was rough though. I’m not sure if it’s my allergies that are bothering me or what, but all weekend I’ve had a really hard time breathing. I feel like I can’t quite fill my lungs, you know? And I’m all wheezy. So I spent most of the time running with a stitch in my side from not being able to catch my breath. Not fun. :(

Anyway, my chip time ended up being 38:20, which is about 1:10 faster than my last time. Considering my inability to breathe through most of the race, I think that’s ok. Although secretly I was hoping to do much better!

Still, I feel quite pleased with myself. Plus they gave me a medal! Awwww.


Everyone’s a winner!

So that was that. I have lots more to post about, including one very interesting restaurant review, and a few more random pictures from this weekend (including our first patio beer of the season! HEAVEN.)

Hope everyone’s having a great (long) weekend! Happy Easter, if you roll that way!