Friday, April 9, 2010

today, I SHOPPED.

PHEW! Today I spent FIVE HOURS at the Eaton Centre (large shopping centre in downtown Toronto, for you non-locals.) I am exhausted! I got a pretty good haul but I feel like I still need a few more things. :S

I started the day with a run, but it SUCKED. I don’t know if I have a lung infection or just allergies or what, but I seriously still can’t breathe properly. I couldn’t run more than half a block without being bent over, attempting to hack up a lung. NOT pretty. I eeked out 1.75 miles and called it a day.

Then I fueled up for my shopping trip! A bowl of oatmeal, of course.

Raspberry mango deliciousness.

So here’s what I managed to get at the Eaton Centre:

 apr9-4 apr9-6

In keeping with my vow to wear more dresses, I picked up these two from H&M. These will be great for work.

apr9-8 apr9-7

Jeans from the Gap, and a cardigan from Old Navy. And this denim skirt from Old Navy. Which I am kinda undecided about because on the one hand, it’s super cute, but on the other hand I’m not sure it’s ME, you know?

I also got a pair of black pants for work but those are too boring to bother picturing. And I got a new pair of workout capris from Old Navy. Like I said, it was a haul!!

Needless to say, by the time I got home I was exhausted and starving. But I actually had some brains today and set the slow cooker to work before I left.


The other day I picked up a hunk of pork roast, but didn’t really know what to do with it. Then a couple days ago Amy over at Amy’s Quest to Skinny blogged about her slow-cooker pulled pork, and I knew I had my answer.


This was great! Amy makes hers with diet root beer, but I substituted a can of Coke Zero. When it was cooked I doused it in some Diana’s Western Smokehouse BBQ sauce. I thought it was great! I had it with four little mini potatoes and a huge mound of steamed broccoli.

Then Shaun and I watched a few episodes of Fringe, and had a couple glasses of wine, and now here we are! So, my blog friends, I think that’s a wrap! See you all tomorrow!