Thursday, June 3, 2010

the one where I am totally swamped but happy.

Well, hello blog! Did you think I’d forgotten about you? Never! Although I guess I shouldn’t have put up a post called “all over” and then not posted for 2 weeks. My bad.

Things are going really well with me these days, although I am exceptionally busy. I’m taking a class right now (Strategic Communications Planning), which is two nights a week, for three hours each. Add in the fact that the commute out there is about 1.5 hours each way, and my Tuesdays and Thursdays are now basically insane. Add in all my homework and assignments, and also that I enrolled in this yoga course on Monday nights and try to make at least one or two other yoga classes a week, and also that I like to see Shaun and my friends once in awhile, and yeah, I’ve been busy.

But I like it! I like my class a lot (I actually look forward to doing my homework!), and yoga is pretty fun too.

Weight stuff is good too. Remember how I mentioned that my body seemed to want to stay in the 170s, and that I finally felt okay about that? Well, basically as soon as I wrote that, my plateau broke, and over the past couple weeks my weight has gotten firmly into the 160s. I’m now weighing around 167 on most days. Happy times. I keep being shocked every time I see pictures of myself – I actually think I look… kind of little. Like in this picture from last night:

(Excuse the graininess, twas taken on my iPhone.) My friend also snapped a picture of me last night where I’m sitting on the couch, but I’m doubled over trying to brush the dirt off my legs. And I seriously look like I’m all limbs. It’s bizarre. Suddenly I’m like a gangly, awkward teen! Ha ha!

In other news, I’m working on a VERY exciting project for the blog. I hope you guys are gonna like it! I have not been this enthused about a project in a long time – I kinda want to work on it ALL THE TIME! My goal is to have it completed by the end of July. (My secret goal is the end of June, but I’m trying to be realistic about my time, especially with this class I’m taking.) We will see. Stay tuned for updates!