Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As many of you probably know, I started going to yoga a few months ago. Nothing too hardcore, just one or two times a week (sometimes more and sometimes less.) I actually love it and it is one of the only times I get excited about where I'm at.

What I mean by that -- hmmm. Like, take running. With running, when I would see people who were faster than me, I'd get discouraged and think, "Man, I'll NEVER be that fast!" But with yoga, when I see people better than me, all I think is, "Man, I can't WAIT till I can do that!" It's had a very positive affect on me, I think.

Anyway, tonight I went to my usual class and I did something that surprised even me: I managed to hold crane pose for a good four seconds. Okay, that may not seem like much, but let's take a look at crane, shall we?


(Image from Google Images)

Yeah. I felt like a yoga rockstar. I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the class.

The funny thing about this pose is that it's actually not really about upper body strength, even though it looks like it is. If you can get the alignment right, it becomes more about balance. And apart from balance, the very hardest part of this pose it trusting yourself. Picking your feet up off the floor puts your face down and forward -- it feels like you're about to do a major faceplant. It takes a lot of trust - in you and only you - that you aren't going to fall, aren't going to fail.

But I did it. For at least four seconds.

I'm not sure what that means but I think it means something.