Thursday, August 5, 2010

blog update and a call for posts.

Happy so-close-to-Friday-you-could-almost-lick-it! This has been a short week for most of us Canadians, but can I just say, I'm still pretty glad the weekend's almost here. I AM IN FAVOUR OF MORE WEEKENDS.

A few people have asked how my new blog Food Not Fuss is going, and all I can say is: GREAT. I'm honestly thrilled with the response I've been getting, the comments and emails and links. It's lovely! Even after just about 10 days, it gets more traffic than this blog does, AND my total page views for that blog is already sitting about 1/8 the total page views for this blog, despite the fact that I've had this blog for ALMOST TWO YEARS! So in 10 days I've gotten 1/8 of the traffic there that I've gotten over the course of two years here. That is kind of blowing my mind. So a huge thank you to all of you, for your visits, links, tweets, and general love. Blog hug!


In other news, I had an idea. (Yes, some days that's considered news.) Last night I read about this thing called a blog carnival. Which I guess I had seen before, but had never heard it called a blog carnival. Carnivals are fun, aren't they? So then I started thinking: next week I have to do something that really scares me, so wouldn't it be really fun to do a round-up for posts from other people in which they have tackled something that really scared them?

I totally don't expect you to write a new post for this (though it's fine if you do), but I figure that, in this community especially, we seem to constantly be tackling things that scare us, like going to the gym when we think we're going to get laughed at, finally telling our mothers to stop shoving food at us, or, like the sexy miss Sarah, trying on dresses we are sure would never fit us. And I thought that a round-up -- nay, a CARNIVAL! -- of those posts would be an awesome resource.

So think back to a post you've written when you tackled something scary, and email me the link! I'll put a round-up post together next Thursday. I'll get some great content for the blog, you'll get some traffic and new readers, and everyone will get the motivation of seeing all the cool things we all face and accomplish. Win / win / win!

Submit your posts by next Tuesday, August 10, and I'll have the post ready for Thursday. Carnival! Wooo!