Monday, August 9, 2010

moving on up!

Ok, first of all: Don't forget to submit your posts about doing that thing that scared you. I'll be publishing the round-up on Thursday, so please have your links in by end of day Tuesday. I've already gotten some GREAT submissions (thanks ladies!) so I think it's going to be a fun post.

Now on to today's post: 

This isn’t really (at all) health or weightloss related but I’m too excited not to share: Shaun and I are moving!!

We don’t love our place but it’s live-able, insanely cheap and in a very convenient neighbourhood, so we weren’t actively looking to move. But late last week an amazing rental opportunity sort of fell in our lap and we just couldn’t say no.

It’s a townhouse, so it’s nicer and more spacious than where we are now. Plus it has EVERYTHING that was on our wish list, including:

  • laundry
  • balcony AND a back patio (we wanted one or the other, this has both! Plus it comes with a barbecue!)
  • big kitchen
  • office space for Shaun (he contracts and works from home a lot, and currently his desk is in our bedroom. Less than ideal.)
  • good neighbourhood
  • on the subway line
  • lots of natural light for food photography!

We currently don't have any of that stuff so this is a major step up. Plus it also has a bunch of our ‘nice to haves’, like:

  • multi-level
  • chrome appliances
  • dishwasher
  • dog-friendly (for possibly down the road)
  • two bathrooms! (well, 1.5, I guess. The second one is more of a powder room.)
  • good amount of storage
  • lots of cupboards and counter space in the kitchen

The only thing it doesn’t have is A/C, but neither of us has EVER had A/C so we’re pretty adept at living without it.
I’ll show you lots of pictures once we actually move (mid October), but I’ll leave you with this little teaser, of one of my favourite areas: the kitchen.

First let’s look at my current kitchen:

Yeah. Mmmm.

And now my soon-to-be kitchen.


YEAH. MMMMMMM. I think you can see why we jumped at this place. :)

CAN. NOT. WAIT. Come on October!