Friday, December 31, 2010

11 in 2011.

I am just astounded that today is December 31st, and the last day of 2010. WOWZA. This has been a good year, in most ways, though I struggled with a few things.

I looked back to see if I made a list of resolutions for 2010, but I couldn't find anything. I think that some of my priorities were to get a new apartment, get a pug, pay off some debt, and be permanent at my job. So three out of four isn't too bad (still no pug, but maybe this year!)

A few major things from 2010:
- Moved into a really nice townhouse
- Was made permanent at my job
- My cat had to have a tumor removed from her leg
- Travelled to Cuba, and Chicago
- Payed off one student load ($5000 yayyyyyyyyy), only to discover another one that had been 'missing' for the last four years ($9000 boooooooooo)
- Filed my taxes for the first time in four years - and filed all four years worth! (Don't judge! I am bad with financial matters, but I'm getting better).
- Started a food blog, which has been woefully neglected lately, but which actually seemed to be doing pretty well. (Did I ever mention I did a post for CBS News? Yeah, I totally did
- Took my first yoga class, and loved it
- Lost and gained about 20 lbs -- yeah, I'm at about the exact same weight I was at this time last year.

This year I wanted to actually sit and write out my resolutions for this year. All the better to focus on them, right? I liked Angela's idea of having 11 resolutions for 2011, so that's what I did.

1. Weightloss. This is number one on my list at the moment, mostly because of how crappily I've been eating (and thus feeling) over the holidays. I'd like to finally get to my goal weight this year. Back to tracking, back to good choices, back to water and fruits and vegetables, back to feeling like myself.

2. Finances. Boring but necessary.  I've done a great job of catching up on my debt, but I need to go further with this. I need to sort out my pension stuff at work, put some of my savings into RRSPs, and I'd like to save more money each month so that we can afford a downpayment on a house sometime in the next couple of years. I also would like to pay off the student loan I 'discovered' last year -- I'm doing pretty well already, but I'd just like it gone.

3. Blogging. I really miss it! I put a lot of pressure on myself and when I can't be the best at something, I decide not to even try, which is sort of what happened to me with blogging this year. There are a lot of popular bloggers out there, but I don't have to be one of them to still add something valuable to the conversation. Plus I just like you guys. :)

4. Photography. This is something else I enjoy but avoid because I know I'll probably never be amazing. But I'd like to keep at it and not talk myself out of it before I even pick up my camera. I don't think I can commit to one of those 'photo a day' projects, but I'd like to aim for a photo a week. The first step of this is that I HAVE to find the cord for my camera, or buy a new one. I haven't been able to find it since we moved, in October.

5. Driver's License. This is just a small thing, but I really need to get my driver's license. I don't even actually need to learn to drive, but it is REALLY annoying not having a valid piece of ID except for my passport, which I'm not keen to carry around with me all the time. I almost couldn't get some Christmas parcels from the post office because I didn't have any ID. Blargh.

6. Pug! I really really really want this to be the year Shaun and I get a pug. So much cuteness!

7. Work. I don't like to blog too much about work related stuff, but there are a few things I want to do in the new year to be better at my job and overall make the time I spend at work more pleasant.

8. Family and friends. I would like to be better at keeping in touch with people. Right now I'm kind of a jerk and barely talk to anyone in my family. I haven't even mailed out there Christmas stuff yet. I'd like to be better about calling, and hopefully Shaun and I will even make it out to New Brunswick this summer.

9. Cooking. Over the past year, I've found that I really enjoy cooking, and I'd like to do more of it. I want to cook at least a few times a week, and actually use more of the cookbooks that I have.

10. Accumulate less. Shaun and I are both really bad for buying stuff. I seriously buy SO MUCH STUFF. Books, DVDs, magazines, kitchen stuff, clothes, shoes, make-up, whatever. I honestly don't think a day goes by that I don't come home from work with a shopping bag. It's not even (only) the money I'm spending, it's just the clutter and accumulation. We really and truly do not need as much stuff as we have. We both decided January was going to be a total freeze on purchases (with the exception of consumable stuff like groceries and coffees), and I'd like to make this a real effort this year.

11. FUN. I may have mentioned this already, but I really want 2011 to be about having more fun. I feel like I've been so serious the past couple of years, and I think that's been good, but I want to lighten up in 2011. Life is too short to be constantly worrying and wondering and wishing. I want to enjoy the moments I'm in, do more things I enjoy, and be grateful for what I have.

Phew! This post has taken me forever to write. Now I'm off to get supplies for tonight's new year's eve dinner (Shaun and I are staying in and having a nice dinner with wine and champagne), and clean the house a bit so that tomorrow starts off on a good note.

I wish all of you the happiest of evenings, and I hope that we ALL have marvelous 2011s. Do everything joyfully, and I'll see you all 'next year!" :)