Sunday, January 2, 2011

resolution 1: weight loss

Since this is ostensibly still a health and weight loss blog, I thought I'd do up a post about how I plan to tackle the first of my resolutions: weight loss.

I've already admitted that I gained back about 20 lbs over the last six or seven months. I can definitely see and feel the difference in myself: none of my clothes fit right, I have less energy, my back hurts more often, and I've been having a lot of those moments where I look in the mirror and don't like what I see. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think those thoughts are exactly weight-related -- a year ago, being at this weight was THRILLING. But I think what I see reflected in the mirror now is a general lack of vitality -- last year I was working out and eating well, I felt happy and confident and capable. These days I feel sluggish, and a bit sad.

Although I think I mentioned that my resolution was to reach my goal weight this year, that's not exactly accurate. My goal is really just to get my act together again and go back to healthy eating and working out. I want to feel good again. I expect to drop some weight in the process, but really I just want to get back to my old ways, and my old self. (To be honest, I don't even know if I HAVE a goal weight, although I'd like to see what the vicinity of the 150s would look and feel like for me.)

Step 1: planning 
I've already sat down and planned out a week of eating, complete with recipes, points and a grocery list. I plan to head to the grocery store later today, and even make up one of the recipes this evening (a crustless quiche that I plan to eat for grab-and-go breakfasts this week). Having this plan already makes me feel excited and ready to succeed.

Step 2: tracking 
While I hope that there will come a point in my life that I won't need to track, for now I do. I made the decision to join Weight Watchers online, so I'll be using their tracking system (so happy they have an iPhone app now! Phew.) I already tracked a few of my recipes so I could figure out the points in advance, and I plan to go through a few other grocery items when I get back to the store. The new plan is still VERY unfamiliar to me, so I really have to work at this for a few weeks.

Step 3: fitness! 
 Here is the thing I think about fitness though: it's not crucial to weightloss, and I no longer want to do it just to log my calories burned, or track my activity points. But the reality is that I feel better - physically, mentally and emotionally - when I work out. It really does give me more energy, seems to make me want to eat better, and just gives me that certain 'glow', you know?

So my plan so far is this: I signed up for 8 weeks of boot camp with Fit Chicks, Shaun and I joined a once-a-week curling team with some friends, and I plan to get in one yoga class a week as well. I think this is a really good mix of fun and focus, and I'm really looking forward to it. (I plan to blog seperately about the curling and the boot camp, since both are new and kinda exciting to me.)

Step 4: hydration
Although it seems minor, I absolutely can't say enough about this. I have noticed a direct correlation between my moods, my cravings, and my water consumption. The less water I drink, the more depressed and lethargic I am, and the more I crave sugar. I'm aiming for 3L a day this week.

So there you go. Nothing fancy -- no magic or gimmicks. Just old-fashioned back-to-basics good times. And you know what? I can't wait.