Monday, January 3, 2011

day 1: back in business.

Today marked the first day of getting back on track -- so far so good! I weighed in at exactly 189.0, so I updated my sidebar to reflect that. I decided I didn't want to be too focused on getting 'back' to my lowest weight -- instead, 189 will be my starting weight and anything I lose from here on in is just great.

One major thing I need to focus on this week is SUGAR DETOX. I've seriously eaten so many cookies and chocolates over the past month -- and aside from the calories it adds, it also seems to affect my mood, energy level, and cravings. The more sugar I eat, the more I seem to crave it, and the more I seem to need to satisfy the craving. For instance, I've been making coffee at home the past couple of weeks, and yesterday I went out and got a Starbucks, adding my normal amount of sweeteners (two), and it actually didn't taste sweet enough. I resisted adding a third sweetener but it made me realize how much I'd upped my sugar tolerance this month.

So for this week I'm making a real effort not to have any extra sugars. I'm making a quiche so that I can have savoury breakfasts, and I'm going to stay away from sweets (candy and cookies, obviously, but also granola bars and other snacky foods.) I'm still going to have lots of fruit, but that'll be it.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who overloaded on sugar over the holidays? Are you doing a detox this week too? The thing I really noticed is that sweets (and alcohol) no longer felt like a treat, you know? I like when they are more rare occurances in my diet and I actually ENJOY eating them, rather than just pounding them back out of habit or need.