Tuesday, June 21, 2011

you're still a kitten to me.

Today my sweet cat Beezus turns 10 years old. I can’t believe it. 

Here are just a few 'interesting tidbits' about this girl:

  • She has moved nine times, including a big move from Halifax to Toronto, where she spent 36 hours on a train, and I cried every time we stopped and they wouldn't let me go back to baggage car to check on her. Let's just say they always let me go check on her.  
  • She loves to carry things from room to room -- pens, knitting needles, lipgloss. She brings them to wherever we are, and drops them near us, meowing up at us. “Good girl, Beezus!” we always exclaim. “Thank you for bringing us that pen / needle / lipgloss!” One evening we went to go to bed and discovered an array of plastic utensils on the bed, Beezus looking pleased with herself.
  • She loves baked goods -- in the early days, until I figured this out, I routinely came home to find shredded loaves of bread, half-eaten cookies on my bed. Still today, I always share my muffins with her. Muffins for my muffin.
  • She loves Shaun. I mean, LOVES him. And he loves her. To the point that I’ve had to honestly consider the possibility that if Shaun and I ever broke up, I would have to let her go with him.
  • Speaking of Shaun, the moment I first knew he was the guy for me was after we’d been dating for less than 2 weeks, Beezus went missing. She clawed her way through a screen overnight and by morning she was nowhere to be found. Shaun and I had plans to go somewhere but I called him and said, “I’m not sure I can make it, Beezus got outside and I can’t find her anywhere!” and promptly started crying, and he just said, “I’ll be there in five minutes” and five minutes later he was. He stayed with me all day, circling my block, shaking cans of treats, knocking on doors and harassing the construction guys to check their trucks. When she finally strolled home, nonchalantly, around 8pm, I scooped her up and hugged her, and Shaun hugged the both of us, and I knew that I would be SO. DAMN. LUCKY. to have him in my life.

What I love about Beezus is that she is never anything other than herself -- bossy and demanding and sweet and loving and hilarious and ballsy and unapologetic.

I cannot even tell you how many 'food photos' I have that turned out like this:

She may have been dropped off on the doorstep of the Bide-Awhile Animal Shelter, but I feel like she was born inside my heart. When I grew, she grew. When I moved, she moved. When I sobbed on the edge of the bathtub, she licked the tops of my feet. If cats can be soul mates, she would be mine.

Thank you, Beezus, for 10 years of never being what I expect, for never being less, for never waffling, for never fading. Thank you for cuddles, for cold shoulders, and for always sharing my muffins. Thank you for being you, my beautiful girl.