Thursday, November 27, 2008

temporarily uprooted.

I'm about to have my first big WW-related challenge -- being away from home.

I live in the basement flat of a house that's been divided into four units. At the end of the summer, the girl who lives above me discovered she had ... bed bugs. She's a very clean person and totally freaked out by this -- she travelled a lot this summer and likely picked them up at a hotel/b&b somewhere. Anyway, our landlord is super good about these things, and we've had the whole house sprayed twice now, but they're still seeing signs of the little assholes.

So it turns out that one sure-fire way to get rid of them is to freeze the house. Which means for about three or four days, we all have to get out of the house. We'll turn off the heat, open up all the windows, and get all ice age on the bed bugs.

Which means me and the cats are going to be moving into S.'s for the week.

I eat at his place about three nights a week anyway, so it's not a HUGE change in my life, but still. I made my meal plan for the whole week, and then realized I'd have to scrap about half of it, because S hates fish and isn't going to want to eat tuna melts and baked salmon (plus I'd feel guilty making his place all fish-smelly.) And I'll have to scrap a couple of other items because he doesn't have the same ingredients on hand as I do, and I don't feel like spending $200 stocking his kitchen this weekend. Now I'm thinking lots of veggie burgers (he can have real meat if he wants), stirfry, and maybe that WW chicken pot pie recipe I was looking at last night.

I also wanted to try making a WW granola recipe this weekend, but that may have to be put on hold as well.

Grrr. I dislike any kind of upheaval like this. Although I am secretly excited that S. and I will basically be living together for a week, with the cats and everything. It'll be a good chance for us to test the waters.