Thursday, December 4, 2008

c is for cookie.

Another weigh in tonight! This time I'm trying to be more realistic with my hopes. :) I had a good week eating-wise, but I don't 'feel' like I've had a big loss, if that makes sense. You know sometimes you can just tell? I'm not feeling it this week.


I've had two 'challenges' in the last couple days, and I think I've done pretty well with both of them. Last night I went out with A. to see a movie, and we stopped at a pub for dinner. I had two pints of beer (8pts), which I had planned, and then I got a salad to go with it -- roasted vegetables and goat cheese on a bed of mixed greens. I thought I'd feel deprived, but it was really good and I was quite full afterwards. I think it helped that A. just ordered soup, so I didn't have to sit and watch someone chowing down on a burger and fries or anything.

Then today, I had to cover an event for work, and there was a free buffet lunch there. I filled half my plate with a very green salad (lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, brocolli), topped it with a tiny spoonful of raspberry vinagraitte, and then took 3 teeny tiny sandwich triangles.

Of course, then I decided to have a coffee and got a cookie to go with it. The cookie wasn't even that good and I still ate all of it. I hate that. I kept thinking to myself, "you shouldn't eat that, you don't like it and it's too many points and why not use them on something that tastes better??" If I could have thrown the cookie out right away, I think I would have been okay, but there was nowhere to put it, and I was just going to have to leave it on my plate, and I just KNEW I wasn't going to be able to resist it. That I was going to keep breaking off pieces and eating until it was gone, just because it would be sitting there. SO I just ate the whole thing and pretended I really liked it and that it was a great use of 5pts. LAME.