Friday, December 5, 2008

yessssssss! and nooooooooo!

I am so funny. When I think I've done well on my weight loss, I only lose 0.8. When I think it won't be so great, I lose 3.2. I think my intuition needs a check-up.

Anyway, I'm pretty psyched about the loss! That brings my three-week total to 6.6lbs lost! It was my goal to be out of the 250s by New Years, so if I can stay in control over the next couple of weeks, I definitely think I'll be able to achieve that. And I think I'll be able to stay in control ... so I'm actually not too worried. :)


Though speaking of control, our office does this thing every week called "Friendly Fridays" where people take turns bringing in treats and we all get together in our boardroom and snack and chat. Since I've started WW, I've been able to resist ALL the snacks, until today. These two Phillipino women brought in 'tropical snacks' like homemade banana bread, homemade coconut danish, lemon loaf, and mango candies. Those are some of my favourite flavours, plus everything was homemade and so delicious looking -- I ended up having a small piece of banana bread, the teeniest square of the danish, and a few pieces of fresh melon.

I feel a bit disappointed, especially after the cookie incident from yesterday, but I think it's okay. I'm going to count the points for it all (I'm thinking 6pts?) and I have healthy stuff planned for the rest of the day: chicken stew for lunch, homemade pizzas for dinner. I was planning on using this whole wheat pizza dough I bought, but it's 8 points, so I'm thinking maybe I'll actually pick up some tortillas instead, for a 2 point pizza. Or maybe I'll have the 8pt pizza but skip the wine. I guess that would be the healthiest choice. :) We'll see.