Monday, January 19, 2009

dream a little dream.

Happy Monday morning, everyone!

Thanks for everyone's comments on my last post about eating all your points! Of course, I should know by know that asking the internet a question is going to get you a hundred different answers, but it still gave me lots to think about. Basically the conclusion is that I should figure out what works best for me. I can do that. :)

I definitely ate all my points this weekend -- and about a dozen flex points for good measure. I admit that I feel a bit guilty about it, though mostly I feel bad because of the types of food I picked. Barely a fruit or veggie all weekend, and I definitely didn't drink enough water. We also got Swiss Chalet yesterday. In the back of my mind I had planned to get the spinach salad, but as soon as I started talking to the order-person, I found myself ordering my old standby: quarter-chicken dinner with dark meat, fries, and gravy. Oy.

The good thing is, I think it worked. All last week I was craving the worst foods, in the worst way: Kraft Dinner, chips, pizza. I went to the grocery store on Thursday night and had to come straight home because I just found myself standing in front of the frozen cheesecakes, unable to tear myself away. And of course, I was wracked with the biggest baddest craving of all: poutine. I was seriously spending whole afternoons day-dreaming about fries and gravy and cheese.

But yesterday's dinner seems to have done the trick. This morning I tried thinking about all those foods, imagining myself eating them and ... nada. And all last night I had weird and hilarious dreams about all the veggies I was going to cook for dinner tonight. Seriously, I had the same dream about 6 times and in all of them, I was making some Mediterranean or Spanish style chicken, I put different veggies in each time: spinach, red peppers, roasted red peppers, olives, red onions, kale, eggplant, etc.

So needless to say I'm gonna make some sort of Mediterranean or Spanish style chicken tonight. With loads of veggies, and olives, and maybe a bit of feta. My dreams have foretold it.