Friday, January 16, 2009

Weigh-in, and some thoughts on points.

Well, I had my weigh-in last night, and I'm down another 1.4, for a total of 14.4 lbs. I've been doing this for exactly 10 weeks now, which puts me at an average loss of 1.44 lbs per week, which is pretty spot-on to what they advise (1-2 lbs a week.) So I'm feeling pretty good about my overall progress, even though of course the "impatient child" part of me thinks I should have lost AT LEAST 40 lbs by now.

For those of you who follow Weight Watchers -- how do you manage your points? My daily target is 30 pts, and I usually have one day in the week where I break into some of my flex points and eat between 40-45 points total. Then, I get kind of guilty feeling about that, (even though I know it's allowed because that's what flex points are for!) so then I have a couple days where I eat UNDER my daily points range to make up for it. Usually I'll have 2-3 days at around 27pts each. I know this isn't actually what I'm supposed to do, but in my mind this is what 'thin' people do -- eat heavier one day and then cut back for a few days to make up for it. It also makes me feel better because then I know if I miscounted anything that day, I'll have those 3 spare points to cover it.

But I'm not sure if I should keep doing this, as I'm really trying to follow the program as 'religiously' as possible. I made it my goal for the next two weeks to actually eat ALL my points, EVERY day. I am really curious to see how this will affect my body / mood / weightloss.

So what is your experience with points targets? Do you eat them all and then some? Or do you stay below them sometimes? How does that affect your losses?