Monday, January 26, 2009

Knorr "Green" Soup

I've always liked the idea that you should choose veggies based on colours, and try to get a good variety of the colours into your diet. I love colours in general, so actually AIMING to eat a rainbow of them makes for kind of a fun challenge. So I admit that I was kinda nerdily excited when I saw an ad for Knorr's Eat In Colour soups.

Today I spotted them at the grocery store, so I figured I'd pick one up and try it for lunch. It conveniently comes in those little tetra-pack-like containers, so it makes it easy(er) to eat at work, since you don't need a can-opener. The container is 500 ml, and a serving is 250 ml. A serving is only ONE POINT. Yes, people, one point. Although I think it's more like one and a half, and if you ate the whole container you might have to be honest and count it as 3pts. But still -- a pretty good deal.

I picked GREEN. The other soups seem to be the same amount of points, except the RED, which has more calories per serving and would probably work out to two points.

The soup is quite tasty -- the only thing that I found a bit off-putting was that it has a bit of a 'chalky' aftertaste. But I've noticed that in other foods in the past, and no one else I was with could taste it, so it may just be me. And anyway, by the time I was done eating, I found myself running my finger around the inside of the bowl to get the last drops, so I must not have minded the 'chalk' too much.

I had one serving and ate it with two cheese strings, for a bit of protein, and then afterwards, I had a handful of strawberries. It is now two and a half hours later, and I'm not hungry, which is a good sign. The container was $3.99.

Here's the ingredient list, nothing scary in it!
Water, green peas, Celeriac, spinach, green zucchini, Onion, cream, modified potato starch, chives, salt, garlic juice, concentrated acerola cherry juice and yeast extract.

I will definitely be buying this soup again, and its colourful little friends too.