Wednesday, January 21, 2009

olives, iloves ya.

I think olives might be my new obsession. They are so delicious and SALTY. I bought some organic black olives the other day (packed in water), and they are so great. They really satisfy my salt cravings but they're so intensely flavoured that I can't eat more than a half-dozen or so, and that's only 1 point!

Tonight for dinner I'm planning on soup and sandwiches, and I thinking my sandwich is going to be: spinach, sprouts, tomato and goat cheese, with hummus spread on one side of the bread, and olive paste spread on the other. I am excited already!

I'm feeling really nervous for my weigh-in tomorrow -- I've been doing an experiment this week, in actually eating all my points. It just seems so counter-intuitive to me, though, to eat more and still expect to lose, but we'll see tomorrow how it all plays out. Keep your fingers crossed for me!