Monday, January 5, 2009

put a lid on it.

I was stupid today and left my lunch at home. Not because I forgot it, but because I couldn't find the lid to the tupperware it was in. In retrospect, why the heck didn't I just put it in a different piece of tupperware? DUH.

I'm taking a knitting class tonight after work, called Mittens 101. The second part will be next Monday. It was a Christmas present from one of my dearest friends, and we are going together, so I'm pretty excited about that. What I'm not so excited about is that I won't have time to go home between work and this class, so I'll have to figure out what to do about dinner. My plan as of now is to eat a bigger and later lunch (probably Subway, around 1:30 or so), and then eat a few snacks around 4:30 before I go. I'll bring some almonds with me in case I get desperate, but that should hold me over so I can eat dinner after the class. Luckily I have those leftovers which are still in my lid-less tupperwear, so dinner can be speedy once I get home. :)

I'm thinking of signing up for a writing class this winter as well, but the one I want to take is on the same night as my WW meetings. I guess I could switch meetings for now, but I'm always scared to mess with my routine when it's working for me. You know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it? We will see, we will see.