Wednesday, February 25, 2009

good news for me!

Yesterday I got some great news which is that my contract at work is being extended! For at least another six months, so I’m good until the fall. I’m SO relieved. I was not looking forward to being an unemployed writer/web editor – especially not with the way all my other media-type friends have been getting laid off. It’s going to be a tough market out there.

Anyway, when I found out about this yesterday, my VERY first thought was, “Great! Now I can go buy a cheesecake!” HELLO WHAT? It’s like, some long-ago-formed part of my brain just assumed that the reason I wasn’t buying cheesecakes regularly was because I was worried about money, and not because I was trying to be healthy. It was so weird. Anyway, I quickly amended my thoughts to “Great! Now I can go buy that heart rate monitor I’ve been wanting!”

The extra good news is that my sweetie and I had decided that if my contract got extended we’d both take some time off and take a little vacation together, and now we can! Now to decide where to go. We’re torn between taking an interesting, touristy vacation to somewhere like New York City, or a relaxing, all-inclusive package vacation to somewhere warm, like Mexico or the Dominican Republic. I’m leaning towards NYC but it seems very hard to find an affordable place to stay there. Oh well, we’ve got lots of time to decide! We’ll be getting our passport photos this weekend. Yippee!