Thursday, February 19, 2009

me want meat.

After watching me workout to DVDs for the past month or so, and complaining about his own current state of (un)fitness, my sweetie decided to try out my copy of Biggest Loser Power Sculpt last night. I don’t know why, but for some reason this thrills me. I wasn’t allowed to watch (fair enough, since I herd him into his office as soon as I put on my workout pants), but I could hear him from the bedroom and it really delighted me.

I think it’s because this is one fitness area that I may actually have a leg up on him. Normally whenever we try to do anything sporty together, it’s him going at it full speed and me lagging behind and him getting annoyed and me getting cranky. But I feel like the DVDs are an area I can actually keep up with, especially since I have an extra six weeks of practice on him AND he has all the coordination you'd expect from a guy who works on computers all day. :)

We may even try to do a workout together next time. I *think* our living room is big enough for us to not pendulum lunge all over each other.


I have a serious craving for red meat these days. I don’t really eat that much of it (too expensive – both money-wise and points-wise), and I do try to have a decent amount of protein with most meals, but every once in a while I just get these overwhelming urges to eat red meat. Must be my inner cave-woman.

What I REALLY want is a really good steak, BUT my brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit in less than a month, and we plan to take them out for a nice steak / several bottles of red wine dinner, so I’m trying to wait until then, so I’ll enjoy it even more. But damn, a nice rare peppery steak would be good right now.