Friday, February 20, 2009

Wi results and some thoughts on going forward.

Well, WI was last night and I only lost 0.8lb. Which is exactly what I gained last week. So essentially for the last two weeks I’ve stayed the same. BOOOOOOOOO.

At first I was super-annoyed and frustrated. "I did everything right!" I thought. "I should have had a good loss!"

Uh. No. In retrospect, I didn’t have a great week. I used alllllll my flex points. I had a meal I didn’t track (which means I may have even dipped into my activity points). I only worked out 2x. And I drank on 4 out of 7 nights, including a whole pitcher on Monday which is like the equivalent of 5 bottles of beer. So … yeah. Even though I’ve been ‘technically’ following the program, my heart wasn’t in it this week.

I guess I secretly wanted to believe that the reason I had slow losses (and my binging friends seem to often have bigger losses) is that I just wasn’t getting enough calories. I mean, I think we all want to believe that sometimes right? “I do the Shred video twice a week and walk to and from work every day, so surely I need to carbo-load RIGHT????” So I think I subconsciously tried to max out my points and be as ‘bad’ as possible without flat-out going off the program.

But no, I’m going to face reality now. I am getting more than enough food. If I want to lose faster, I have to eat better. I have to use less flex points. I have to workout more. That’s just the way it is.

So I’m going to have a great week this week. I made it my goal to:

- use <10 flex points for the whole week
- to workout 3x
- to drink alcohol only 1x
- to stop eating at 9:00 pm. (Not sure I really believe there's anything to that, BUT I do think it’s the evening where I’m most likely to consume my most useless calories.)

If that doesn’t result in a good loss, then I really don’t know what to do. But surely it will, if I really stick to it.