Thursday, March 19, 2009

the keg is trying to kill me.

Well. Tonight is my brother’s last night in town so we’re planning a trip to The Keg Steakhouse. YUM. I just looked up the points though and I’m sooooooo glad I did. I had no idea one steak could be 20+ points! Eep!

Luckily the filet mignon is ‘only’ 13pts, so I think I’ll be getting that. It comes with the ‘twice baked potato’ though, which is another 13 pts, so I think I’ll swap it for the regular baked potato (just 6pts). Add a couple glasses of wine, and I’m looking at under 25pts for the whole meal – considering if I hadn’t have checked, I would have ended up spending that many points just on the steak, I think that’s not too shabby. And I don’t feel like I’m really compromising on quality because come on, I’m having FILET MIGNON. Yeah, I’m fancy. ;P

Weigh in tonight, but I’m feeling a bit nervous. I ate out 3 times this week and I thought I had done okay with that, but looking up the Keg menu made me realize I have a habit of grossly underestimating restaurant points. I think that I think about the restaurant food and then calculate it the way *I* would prepare it. Like, ‘oh surely this sandwich only has 1 tbsp of mayo because MY sandwiches never have more than that so that is the normal amount.” Um. Probably not.

So we’ll see what happens. Worse comes to worse, I have a small gain and move on. I’m moving next weekend (kind of. I’m getting rid of my old apartment and FINALLY going to just have all my stuff at Shaun’s!) so this coming week is not going to be very social – just hunkering down and packing, so I’ll definitely be able to get back in my eating groove, and undo whatever damage I may have done this week.

And anyway, my goals for this week were just to eat reasonably and not drink too much, and I did that. And I did say I wasn’t going to worry too much about what the scale said at the end, and you know what? I’m not going to. It’s been a fun week and I’ve had my fill of eating out for awhile.