Wednesday, March 18, 2009

whole foods stole my money.

I managed to spend $40 at Whole Foods yesterday on pretty much nothing. Well, I guess I should say nothing 'useful'. I bought coconut milk and pomegranate seeds and goat's milk feta and those Ezeikel cinnamon raison english muffins that everyone keeps going on about. A few other things. Oh well. I'm willing to admit that I go to Whole Foods pretty much entirely for how it makes me feel (wholesome, in a yuppie type way.) So I guess that was worth $40. :P

Shaun and I are going to see Pontypool tonight -- a Canadian-made zombie movie set in northern Ontario! Yesssssss. I hope it's gonna be awesome. We're having dinner out first but since weigh-in is tomorrow, I have no plans to overdo it. Unfortunately that means no movie popcorn either. Sadness!

Happy hump day!