Thursday, March 12, 2009

suitcase = travel

I bought a blue suitcase a couple weeks ago. THIS blue suitcase:

I LOVE IT. It was in a store window and I walked past it every day on my way to work. Every day I would stare longingly at it, imagining myself on some fun-filled vacation. Every day I would get a little tense, imagining the day when I would walk by the store and it would no longer be in the window.

So I finally bought it because ... my sweetie and I have decided to go to Vegas! Yippee! We'll probably only go in May but I'm already drooling over vacation packages and hotel photos. I finished up my passport application yesterday and will take it to the passport office sometime next week. I parked my new suitcase beside our bed and still stare at it longingly, every day.

It's probably a bit foolish to take a big vacation in the middle of a big recession but ... oh well. We're helping the economy. Anyway, I desperately need to get away for a little while -- It's been years since I went anywhere just for fun. It's always been 'obligation travel', like visiting my parents or going to weddings. Which is okkkkkkay, but trust me, New Brunswick is no Las Vegas. Believe it or not.