Friday, March 13, 2009

WI results.

Another loss this week! Down 1.2 lbs, total loss of 26.4! To be honest I wasn’t sure I’d do so well this week – I thought I might have got a little cocky after hitting my 10% last week. I went out for dinner on Friday AND Saturday, and used alllll my flex points. But chezjulie and I made a pact to end the week strong, and that’s what I did! And it paid off!

I’m only 1.2lbs away from hitting the 220s now, but I’m not going to hold my breath for next week. My brother and his girlfriend are visiting this week and my focus is going to be to stay within my points and not drink too much. I won’t worry too much about what the scale says at the end – it’ll be enough of a victory just to stay on track, with all the restaurant eating and going out that’s sure to happen. I mean, HOPEFULLY if I do that, it WILL result in a loss, but I guess my point is more that I’m going to really focus on my actions and choices this week, rather than aiming for a particular outcome.

But damn, it will be nice to finally see the 220s again.