Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Booty camp, week 2!

Well, I’m still really enjoying my Booty Camp! Yesterday was class #3. I’m getting better at some of the moves (I can hold the plank for more like 8 seconds now! Haha, what an improvement!) Of course, they keep adding harder moves in (wall squats, UGH), so I still feel like I’m working just as hard as I was in the first class. And according to my HRM, I’m still burning about 750 calories each time. Yesssss!

The bad news is that the scale is not BUDGING. I did a bit of research and found that a new fitness routine can actually have that effect (and even cause gains), since you retain a crapload of water while your muscles protect themselves and try to adjust. But everything I’ve read said that should go away in about 2-3 weeks, so I’m hoping that even if tomorrow’s weigh-in isn’t great, that next week will be back on track.

I’ll confess, though: it’s definitely a challenge not to get discouraged when your hard work isn’t immediately paying off. I also find myself wondering if I’m just deluding myself: like maybe it isn’t water weight at all, maybe my eating is worse than I think it is, maybe I need to eat LESS, etc. But I don’t *think* my eating is significantly different than it’s been in the last six months, so for now I’m going to try to trust that my body will adjust on its own. If there’s still no movement on the scale by the end of next week, then I’ll re-evaluate, but until then ...

And keep holding that dang plank.