Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter dinner and a nsv.

My Easter dinner was a success, I think! The food all came out pretty well – the roast pork loin was amazing, I don’t know why I don’t cook roasts more often. I actually bought a meat thermometer this weekend, and I can’t believe I never bought one before! It was only $5 and it took away ALL my paranoia of “Is this cooked yet? I don’t know if it’s cooked enough. I don’t want anyone to get poisoned. I’m going to cook it some more to be safe.” I think I’ll roast a chicken this weekend for Shaun and I, YUMMMMMM.

Now, for the NSV: I got through this holiday without eating a single Easter candy! That’s right – not one egg, jellybean, weird marshmallow chicken, or delicious chocolate bunny. And I totally didn’t care. I KNOW Easter candy is one of those things that’s more sentimental than actually tasty – so I browsed around and looked at all the fun treats at the store, and I enjoyed my *memories* of eating them, but I didn’t feel the need to actually eat any.

So I’m pretty proud of that. Just don’t ask me about how much wine I drank this weekend. :P