Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have seriously been driving myself NUTS for the last couple of weeks, analyzing my calories in and calories out. I think I have to stop using myfitnesspal. I know it's a great tool for some people, but I think it’s on the verge of causing me some disordered eating, or at least disordered thinking about eating.

Over the last day (bear with me on all the numbers here, I have a point, I swear!), I worked out how many calories MFP tells me to eat (1400 on non-workout days, 2400 on bootcamp days, and 1900 on running days), and how many calories I should be eating based on the info my heart rate monitor has given me (2000 calories on non-workout days, 3000 on bootcamp days, and 2500 on running days), and then finally I looked at what Weight Watchers would have me to eat, if I eat my activity points on the day I earned them – so assuming 1pt is an average of 70 calories, I get 1960 on non-workout days, 2660 on bootcamp days, and 2310 on running days.

So that seems like a nice average, right? So my plan is to ditch MFP – it’s making me too crazy, ie, more crazy than usual. Go back to straight-up Weight Watchers, and counting points, not calories. Eat my points every day. Eat my activity points every day (or at least most of them.) Use flex points for little extra splurges like wine / beer, or for days I don’t work out. Keep it simple, stupid. As they say.

Coincidentally, today is exactly 6 months I’ve been following WW! I kind of can’t believe I’ve stuck with it so long – and now I feel more committed than ever. Yay!