Monday, June 1, 2009

body image and ... a food image. :)

Thanks for everyone’s comments on my last post! I think you all were right, that it IS hard to see a difference in yourself sometimes, so I appreciate your more ‘objective’ feedback.

I guess part of my problem is that the size I am now is actually the size I've been IMAGINING myself at for the last three years or so. I was pretty in denial about how much weight I’d put on, so I was still imagining myself in my 220 lb body, not the 260 lb one I was actually inhabiting. That’s why pictures were such a horrible shock – could I really look like that? Well, yes: I could, and I did.

But now that I’ve lost that 40 lbs, my body is much closer to that mental picture I’ve been clinging to for so long. So even though the logical part of me knows I’m doing great, there’s the part of me that's saying, “Huh? What’s the big deal, this is what you always looked like. Shouldn’t you be, like, skinny by now?”


I'm super happy with the dinner I had tonight. First let me say, it’s Monday, which is already pretty craptacular, and despite the fact that it’s June 1, it is freezing cold and rainy and windy outside – it honestly feels like October.

So what did I do? I made my own summer. I made up a batch of Hungry Girl ‘chicken fingers’, some sweet potato fries, peppercorn ranch salad dressing for dipping, a big bowl of watermelon, and a can of diet old-fashioned cream soda. Check out this spread:


By the way, the HG chicken fingers were pretty good! Although I found it kinda disconcerting that the Fibre 1 was a tad sweet. I might keep an eye out for a high fibre cereal that's completely unsweetened. The texture and tenderness were both excellent though, and it was pretty easy and fast to make. Thumbs up on my first HG recipe!