Sunday, May 31, 2009

progress photos: kinda disappointing, actually.

I was super excited to take my progress photos after eight weeks of boot camp, but I'm kinda disappointed now, actually looking at them. I honestly don't see any difference -- at first I thought my upper body looked a little more toned, but I think that might just be due to the fact that I'm wearing a more fitted top and a sports bra. I think my arms and thighs actually look bigger, especially in the side views.


The thing is, I know I'm down 12 lbs in these pictures. And I know I'm down 17 inches. And I even know I'm down more than a pant size. (The skinny jeans I was so excited to buy a few weeks are already hanging off me.) But I really don't see it in these pictures.


What do you guys think?





Ho hum. Oh well, at least I know my sports bra is making Betty and Veronica (aka, 'the girls') look a lot better.