Monday, August 24, 2009

lunchtime shopping.

Today on my lunch hour I took a stroll over to Indigo and picked up a copy of Eat, Shrink and Be Merry. I’m excited about this! I bought it on Skinny Me’s recommendation (though I promise not to hold it against her if I don’t love it as much as she does. :)

I’ve been finding myself very bored with most of my meals, and I think that’s kind of a danger zone for me. I just haven’t been planning ahead much, and while my ‘spontaneous’ meals still tend to be fine points-wise, they’re not always the most exciting. It also hasn’t been the best, budget-wise, because I keep buying things and then having them go bad in the fridge. ALSO I am sick of most of my lunch options around here and I think I should start making real dinners so that I actually have leftovers to bring to work.

So! Many good reasons to start planning and prepping a little more. Plus we’re coming onto fall (aren’t we? AREN'T WE?) and that means cooking is about to be a lot more enjoyable again. I’m fine with the fact that I pretty much lived off wraps and cold bowls all summer, but I’m ready to come back to real meals.

I also picked up a copy of Julie & Julia, which I have a feeling I am going to LOVE. Well, it’s about blogging, projects, food, and wondering what the heck you’re doing with your life, which are four things I love to obsess about. Also I bought the copy with the movie cover, and I just realized I apparently have been totally confused about who Amy Adams is! For some reason I thought she was the same girl from Confessions of a Shopaholic. This makes so much more sense, since I seriously did not understand how the girl who played Becky Bloomwood could also star in Doubt. The world makes sense again!