Friday, August 28, 2009

mmm, butter (chicken).

Today I did the stupidest thing a weight-watcher can do: I went to an Indian buffet for lunch.

I LOVE Indian food, especially creamy butter chicken, and buttery saag paneer. I love the white basmati rice and I love the fluffy naan bread. I love the sweet and fragrant rice pudding for dessert.

Which is why I pretty much never eat Indian food anymore. And when I do, I just buy one of those frozen entrĂ©es from Amy’s, since it’s got instant portion control. But today I was let loose among unlimited quantities of all my favourites.

I think I did … ok. I had some salad to start (something vinegar-y with cucumbers, and some plain beets), and I had about a cup of white rice, and about 2/3 of a big round naan. I had a scoop of saag paneer, maybe just a bit less than a cup? And about 1/3 c. of chana masala, and 3 small pieces of butter chicken with hardly any sauce. I had about ½ cup of rice pudding at the end.

I counted the whole thing as 30 points. Does that sound about right? Yes, it’s only 2pm, and I’m already 10 points in the hole for today. Luckily when I have a big lunch I don’t really get hungry later, so I doubt I’ll eat much more today except maybe some melon or something this evening. So overall my day will still be fine, I think. Plus I have plans to head to the gym straight after work, so there's that.

One interesting thing from lunch: I was there with a few coworkers, several of whom are (I think) naturally thin. An interesting thing I noticed was that they all cut their food into very small bites. I never really thought about that – I do try to eat slowly and consciously in general, but, for instance, I still popped each of those pieces of butter chicken in my mouth whole (they’re about the size of my thumb), while these ladies ALL cut those same pieces into about 3 smaller bites. Interesting, no? I think I’m going to start trying this.