Wednesday, August 5, 2009

super deluxe.

In the continuing theme of talking about my gym, Shaun decided he wanted to join as well! Which is exciting because maybe sometimes we’ll be able to go together, but which is REALLY exciting because it meant we qualified for the ‘family membership’, which means cheaper rates!

Sooooo we decided to upgrade our memberships to the PLUS category. So rather than saving, I’m now paying an extra $20 a month, BUT for that money I get access to the super deluxe locker room, which includes: steam room, sauna, and hot tub, towel service, all toiletries, a small cardio and weight room, a lounge, and NO KIDS. Oh, and an actual locker of my own that I can store stuff in overnight. I got to use this super deluxe locker room for the first time last night – it was fun! I pretended I was at a country club. :)

I don’t think I ate enough yesterday (I felt burned out after the pound of cherries, so I only had a small bowl of cereal for dinner, and a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt when I got home from the Y). Anyway, I couldn’t sleep at all last night because I kept having fantasies of pasta! Yes, pasta, in every possible combination, running through my mind all night. Tonight I think I’m going to indulge that fantasy and have some whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, cottage cheese, and steamed spinach: lasagne in a bowl! YUM.

In other news, we have no internet at home until Friday, while we switch providers, so if you hear from me a bit less than usual, that’s why!

Sorry for the randomness of this entry! Sometimes a girl just needs to talk about her pasta fantasies on the internet, knowwhatimean?