Wednesday, September 2, 2009

lemme just talk about this a bit more, ok?

You guys! Thank you all sooooo much for your comments and congratulations yesterday. I still can’t believe I made it to “Onederland”!

A couple people asked what I was doing to celebrate – I don’t know! I guess I thought I’d do a bit of clothes shopping, but I seem to be at a super weird place, size-wise, and I’m having a really hard time finding much that fits, especially in pants. I was thinking about maybe getting an iTouch (they’re supposed to be announcing the new line on Sept. 9, the rumour is they’re going to have cameras in them now, which would be pretty sweet.) Except my nano still works fine, and is probably more conveniently-sized for the gym. My other thought is to splurge on a nice bag or pair of shoes. Or maybe get the digital SLR I’ve been coveting, but that seems a little expensive for a reward, though I could ‘combine it’ with my ‘birthday gift’, I suppose!

I don’t know! What would you guys do? What was / is your planned reward for hitting that new ‘weight century’?

Shaun and I went for dinner at the Keg Mansion last night for our anniversary dinner, but we did toast to my milestone as well, so I suppose that was part of my 'celebration'. Sadly the scale was not my friend this morning. Ha ha ha. Oh well – I’ve been doing this long enough not to worry about a little salt. :)

Also, apparently I can no longer drink half a bottle of wine on a work night. Apparently I’m getting old or something! Today I'm drinking water like it's going out of style.