Friday, September 25, 2009

So glad!

So glad it's Friday!

So glad I dragged myself to the gym tonight, even though I totally didn't wanna.

So glad I have a boyfriend to eat the rest of my Weight Watchers brownies which, frankly, were a little too delicious.

So glad for wine.

So glad for work projects that will soon be over!

So glad for coworkers who put up with my neuroses and talk me down from the ledge when I have a *tiny* freakout about having to change some fonts. I seriously love my team.

So glad that I am a small enough size now that I can make an emergency trip to the drugstore on my way to work and find pantyhose that fit, and not require a special trip to The Plus Size Store!

So glad for coming home to a downloaded episode of The Biggest Loser (love the blue team, randomly! I think Dina is my favourite girl so far. She's just so ... normal.)

So glad for Salad Creations!

So glad it's Friday! Wait, I said that one already, right?