Thursday, September 24, 2009

still alive, I swear!

Man, I have been a bad blogger lately!

You know, when I bought my new camera, I sort of made myself a promise that I would post a new photo with every post. But then I got soooo busy with work, and I actually haven't even touched my camera since then. So no new photos, which meant ... no new posts? Stupid, right? Blogging is important (and useful! and fun!) to me and so what if I'm not able to post a lot of pictures right now. Right?

So, let's see ... work is still crazy busy, and today I got some not-so-good news about a part of it, which is going to mean a whole lot more work and stress over the next few days. I felt super stressed after I got out of that meeting, but I held it together. I went and got a coffee, talked myself out of buying a peanut butter cookie, and instead just went and sat outside in the sun, and talked myself (silently, in my head) through all the reasons why I am still doing awesome on this project and the setback is not my fault. So yay for new coping mechanisms. Right?

Of course, I then ended up working until about 9pm so I skipped the gym and just picked up (more) Subway for dinner. But that's okay. Right?

Work obligations also made me miss my WW meeting on Tuesday! Sadness! This is only the 3rd meeting I've ever missed, so it was kind of a bummer. But I'm still definitely on track and the scale and I are totally BFFs right now. I feel good knowing I can stay on track even when there are disruptions to my regular routine.

Anyway. Blah blah blah work. In more interesting news, Shaun and I went to see Julie & Julia on the weekend. I loved it! But of course now all I want to do is drink wine and eat foods with butter. I actually looked up the recipe for Julia Child's "Boueff Bourguinon" but dang, that shit's complicated.