Thursday, December 17, 2009

dear universe: thanks, I guess!

So earlier this evening I had to make a quick trip to the convenience store to pick up cat treats. (My poor kitty is on a course of antibiotics right now so we’re bribing him with lots of tasty treats.)

Anyway, I’d been craving a cookie all day, and while I was there I spied a package of those Voortman ‘Festive Cookies’, and I started mulling it over. I picked up the package and was checking out the nutritional info on the back, already justifying it to myself, when all of a sudden I heard:


It was a display for that Moo You Win milk contest, and it totally MOOOOOed at me. I burst out laughing and immediately put down the cookies and left with just the cat treats.

I wish all my decisions came with such clear directions.