Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WI results and back to basics.

Weigh in today and I was down 1.6 lbs. In keeping with my vow to be more zen about my weightloss, I’m feeling good with this. I’m going back to my original way of approaching this: my weight can do what it wants. What I’m going to concentrate on is my eating and my working out, because those are the things I actually have control over.

So I want to work more on my running. I really did enjoy my 5K this weekend, and I’ve been really inspired by a couple of awesome bloggers who are going to be doing a half-marathon this spring, as well as my friend Allyson who was at the Santa Shuffle with us. In fact, Kat and I briefly discussed maybe running the Scotiabank half this fall, but I’m not really ready to start thinking about that yet. So I’m thinking more along the lines of a 10K, and I’m thinking maybe this one: the SportingLife 10K. It’s one of the biggest races in Toronto, plus how fun would it be to get to run straight down Yonge Street? So I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

I’m also thinking about the Good Health Guidelines. Although I’m great about some stuff – sticking to my points, going to the gym, drinking my water, and, since I switched to children’s chewables, taking my vitamins – I’m not so great at other things, like dairy servings, oil, and vegetables. Yes, I confess, I am not a veggie lover! I kind of can’t remember when I last ate a green vegetable that wasn’t a bit of lettuce on my Subway sandwich. So I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

I’m excited for the upcoming year. Not that I’m writing December off or anything, but I know that with holiday parties, general busy-ness, and a week at an all-inclusive resort, this is not the best month for initiating all kinds of new plans and training schedules and whatnot. But I’m going to hold my own in December, keep plugging away, make small changes where I can (like eating more veggies and adding some variety to my gym routine) – and then once this month is over? I'm thinking - it’s on.