Sunday, January 17, 2010

cooking with andrea?

Believe it or not, I’ve been cooking. Shocking, I know! So I thought I’d share a couple quick and easy things I whipped up recently. Not sure how many people enjoy the food pics and recipes, let me know if it’s super annoying!

First up, a crustless quiche. I used to make this alllll the time, even in my pre-WW days, and I’d sort of forgotten about it.  Shown here with a baked sweet potato, because I was having it for dinner and was hunnnnngry.


Crustless Quiche

4 eggs (8pts)
2/3 c. egg whites (2pts)
1 c. 1% cottage cheese, pureed (I just stick my immersion blender right in the container!) (4pts)
2-3 c. spinach AND/OR container of sliced mushrooms AND/OR a chopped head of brocolli AND/OR half an onion AND/OR whatever other veggies you fancy (Opts)
1 c. light shredded cheese (6pts)

Preheat oven to 350*. Saute (or be lazy and microwave) your veggies. This is mostly to get the water out.

Spray an 8x8 baking dish with cooking spray. Cover the bottom of the dish with your cooked veggies.

In a separate bowl, mix together eggs, egg whites, and blended up cottage cheese. Pour over veggies. Top with shredded cheese.

Bake until puffed up and cheese is browning, about 30 min.

Cover and put in the fridge, this baby will keep for almost a week. I divided mine in four, so each piece was 5pts each, and I took it to work for lunches. Yum. I actually think it’s better the second day, so I always make it the day before I actually plan to eat it.

You could make tonnes of variations of this (Greek, with tomato, olives and feta? Mexican, with salsa and jack cheese? Mediterranean, with roasted red peppers and goat cheese?) Mine shown above had spinach and portabello mushrooms. Calculate points as per your variations, but the above recipe worked out to 20 pts for the whole thing.


Tofu Coconut Curry


For this, I used this curried tofu recipe from Cooking Light. I made a few changes:

- added snow peas
- used a full can of lite coconut milk
- quadrupled the amount of curry powder
- added a bunch of minced ginger and garlic
- used a bit of corn starch to thicken at the end
- served over brown rice (not that you can see it in the picture)

This recipe also conveniently worked out to 20 pts for the whole pan (not including rice), but it was easily enough for 4+ servings. Do not fear the tofu, people!


Coconut Mango Ginger Pudding

Ok, I just threw this together to go with the curry, but it was delish. I used:

- 1 no-sugar added Kozy Shack tapioca pudding
- 1 tbsp. coconut milk (you could probably use extract, or coconut butter as well)
- 1/3 c. mango (the frozen kind, thawed)
- 1 crumbled ginger snap cookie
- top with light Cool Whip

I actually got the idea for this from TJ’s Banana Pudding Pie she posted about the other day (now that lady knows her way around the kitchen!). I figured this little guy to be 3pts.

So that's what I've been up to lately! Happy as a clam in my clean kitchen, with my tasty foods. Good times, good times.