Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WI results and ow ow ow pain pain pain.

Hi guys! I forgot to update you on my weigh-in yesterday! Actually the truth is, I kinda blew my emotional wad on that last post and was feeling a bit blogged out yesterday. But I’m back!

So … weigh in yesterday and I was down 2.6 lbs! Yes! I was very happy with that.

The bad news is I am seriously SO SORE from boot camp! Strangely, I’m even way more sore than when I first started it last spring and was totally out of shape. WHAT GIVES? The only thing I can think is that because cardio-wise I’m in better shape, I didn’t have to stop as much and so I pushed myself through the whole routine, whereas last time I had to take lots of breaks just to catch my breath. I dunno. Whatever it is though, it’s past the point of ‘hurts so good’ and now into the realm of “I had to take two Tylenols to get out of bed.’ Hmmm.

In other news, I’m trying something new this week (well, starting today!) called ‘eat more often’. So for instance, I normally wait until 9:30 or so to eat breakfast at work, then I don’t eat again till lunch. This morning I actually ate breakfast at home before I left.

So the eating schedule I’ve made myself for today is:

8am: overnight oats with almond milk and mango (5pts)
9am: coffee with milk (1pt)
11am: apple with almond butter (3pts)
1pm: California roll and baby carrots (5pts)
3pm: orange, coffee with milk (2pts)
6pm: crustless quiche (recipe to come!) and salad (7pts)
9pm: (post-bootcamp snack, if required) banana or yogurt (2pts)

A lot of sources seem to recommend this way of eating (frequent, smaller meals), to keep your energy and metabolism up. Anybody have any strong feelings one way or another? How often do you eat in a day? This is also the most ‘clean’ my diet has been lately, I’m sorting of making an effort to eat less junky things like crackers, and my beloved Rice Krispie treats!

Ok, well, I have a feeling I'm going to need to use the washroom in about a half hour, so I better start making my way down the hallway now. Ha ha SERIOUSLY I AM SO SORE. :S