Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WI results: the oops edition.

Today was weigh in day and believe it or not … I forgot to go! Ha ha! I haven’t been feeling that great, so I didn’t go to work on Monday, so then on Tuesday (today -- my normal weigh-in day) I got kinda confused about what day it was (thought it was Monday!) and forgot to go to my meeting. Haha.

Unfortunately, I think I would have been up anyway. Apparently I do not deal well with being sick, even a little bit sick. I`ve actually feeling kinda lame and super unfocused for the last couple of days. It`s only day 1 of my week and I`ve somehow already used TWENTY SIX of my flex points. It`s going to be a rough week.

I`m sorry, guys. I try not to blog this stuff, because I know it isn`t very inspirational to read, but the reality is, I`m not feeling very inspirational right now. Unless you need inspiration to eat huge amounts of saltines slathered in margarine. If that`s the kind of inspiration you need, then I`m your girl.