Thursday, February 18, 2010

jumping on the bandwagon.

You know, normally I don’t really enjoy ‘memes’ and following along with the stuff that circulates its way through the blogs, BUT I have really been enjoying reading everyone’s questions and answers in this recent ASK ME ANYTHING craze. So I figured I’d sign up. Does anyone want to ask me anything?

You can do it here!

It can be about whatever: weight loss, my ‘journey’, my personal life, my background, my favourites, about that one time I got in a bar fight, etc.

I will tell you something about me right now: I have never tried sardines before! Until yesterday that is! I recently stumbled across this recipe – well, barely a recipe even, but an idea: Alton Brown’s sardines and avocado sandwich. I love avocado and I love toast so this seemed like a good idea.

Anyway, verdict? I liked these little guys! They were much ‘fishier’ than tuna, which I liked, and they were pretty point-friendly. I used the ones packed in water, and only used half a can, so it was just 2 points. (Actually, probably more like 1.5.) Not a bad option if you need a quick protein solution, and don’t mind fishiness.

Ok, that's enough talk about sardines for one morning. Sorry if I turned anyone's stomach! Ha ha.

Now, please go off and ask me some questions. If you want.