Thursday, March 25, 2010

date night!

Today, I had a plan. Meeting my friend Abbie after work for a drink and some girly chatter. Super excited! So I even wore a dress.

HELLO, how cute is this dress, right? I feel so “Mad Men”.



I actually bought this dress a few weeks ago, when I was out shopping with the lovely Kate. But I was too scared to wear it until today. I dunno, I thought it was too small and I felt too … exposed? It’s very form-fitting! But now I actually like it. Kind of thinking I should wear dresses more often actually.

Breakfast was oatmeal, as per usual!

Blueberry oats! With cottage cheese, brown sugar, and cinnamon. God, excuse me please while I go wash my table! YEESH.

I must confess that I found today TOUGH. First of all, I was not prepared. I should have picked up groceries yesterday but I was busy with vet stuff. So I found myself at work with no lunch plans. Second of all, I was trying to conserve my points so I could splurge a little this evening with my friend. Thirdly I just found myself to be having a HUNGRY day – you know, where nothing is satisfying and you are actually hungry and want to eat a giant plate of various carbohydrates, to fill the void?

So … it was rough. But I guess this is good, because now you can see what I do when this stuff happens. Honestly, I’m not gonna lie and pretend this is always easy for me. I have days, like today, where I go to Second Cup to get a coffee, and I stare at all the baked goods and want to CRY. Because I just … want to gorge on stuff. But I always know it’ll pass so I push through. I guess it was good that I was wearing a form-fitting dress today!

Anyway, for lunch I went for:


Sushi, again! Cheap, easy, tasty. There you go.

And a few of my little friends…



Baby carrots, apple, and Coke Zero. All good for filling the belly.

I did so great all day, and then … my friend had to cancel our date! SOB. I’m not mad at her at all, and we are going to get together tomorrow, but I was disappointed to have nothing to do now. I mean, I was WEARING A DRESS!

But it was Shaun to the rescue. He took me for dinner and a couple glasses of wine at one of our neighbourhood favourites, Hair of the Dog.


Over the course of the evening, I had several small glasses of this shiraz.


My handsome date. :)


And HIS handsome date. :)


For dinner I had the Mushroom Pecan Burger (soy-based), with wasabi mayo and a side salad. I’ve had this meal here before and it was AMAZING, but this just did not compare. I wonder if they’ve changed chefs??



I scraped off a bunch of the mayo and only had half the bread (it was dry and cold, kinda gross!) The salad was really nice though. (Surprisingly! I didn’t think it would be satisfying, because I really wanted fries, but it totally hit the spot.)

Anyway, that’s about it for me. I’ve changed out of the dress and am firmly in jogging pants and Gap hoodie now, watching Fringe with my sweetie. G’night!