Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one of those days.

Well. The day started out ok. Another bowl of ‘tropical oats’!


Oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, coconut butter. Cottage cheese, mango, shredded coconut. Delicious, as always!

Then I got to work and realized … I’d forgotten my camera at home. DOH. But I had all of you in mind, so on my lunch break I actually walked home to pick it up. Are you impressed with my dedication??? :)

Didn’t have anything lined up for lunch though, so on my way back to the office, I picked up a salmon and avocado roll. YUM.


And enjoyed it with a side of Wasabi & Soy Sauce almonds. Hey, that goes with sushi, right?


And a can of diet ginger ale. Not the world’s best lunch, but not the worst either, and one that’s convenient and points-friendly.


Afternoon I had my coffee and Kashi granola bar. Hello pumpkin pie! Welcome to my mouth!


I had to rush home after work because this beautiful little lady had a date with the vet.


She’s had a few mysterious issues lately, like random vomiting, an unexplained bald spot on her belly, and scariest of all, occasional tremors in her head, like she has some kind of kitty Parkinson’s. :( The vet didn’t see anything immediately wrong with her, but took fecal, urine and blood samples. She also got updated on her shots. (Goodbye $400!! Don’t worry, I didn’t need you anyway! (NOT.)) But of course, I’m just praying everything turns out ok. Keep my beautiful Beezus in your thoughts, will you?

Unfortunately it seems the vet visit really stressed her out, and after we wrapped up, we were back in the waiting room, waiting for our turn to pay, and then Beezus peed in her carrier! I had to go and get and some paper towels and try to clean it up as much as I could. As soon as I returned the paper towels … she POO-ED in the carrier! Oh my goodness. I was a bit embarrassed and kept apologizing for ‘my problem child’! BUT I was also feeling soooo bad because I knew she was stressed. (She is not a high-maintenance cat AT ALL and is typically so laid back.) Plus, I figured they’ve surely seen it all, at a vet’s office!

Anyway, finally got home, got the carrier all cleaned out, and went to use the bathroom myself …

… only to find our toilet clogged. UGH. I spent 20 minutes plunging away before it was fixed.

Finally I decided … I need a beer!


Hey, there is only so much shit a girl can take before she needs a Heineken!

Needless to say, dinner wasn’t too exciting. I used up the rest of the sardines by topping them on a sandwich thin with cream cheese and capers. Not quite ‘bagels and lox’ but a nice enough dinner.


And yes, I am now on beer #2.

That’s all folks!