Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WI results and a mango kind of day.

Well, let’s start with the weigh-in results, shall we? Then we can move on to fun pictures! :)

So today I was down 2.2 lbs! DELIGHTED with that, and glad I was right that last week’s fatigue/stress-induced gain was just that. I’m at 84.4 lbs total now! WOW. I also had a funny moment today where I was watching some video footage, and I was in one scene, and I almost did not recognize myself. I hope this doesn’t sound weird or vain, but I couldn’t believe how THIN I looked! My head-version of me totally does not seem to match up with reality-version!


When I woke up this morning it was GREY GREY GREY outside, so I decided breakfast needed to be cheery. WHAT IS CHEERIER THAN MANGO, I ASK YOU.


Very tropical oats! With cinnamon, brown sugar, and coconut butter, and topped with cottage cheese, mango, and shredded coconut.

I got a couple questions yesterday about my oatmeal, so here’s what I do:

Laziness prevails, and I do this in the microwave. Mix 1/3 cup of oats with 2/3 cup of water. Micro for 1:20. Stir in brown sugar, cinnamon, and any extras like coconut butter, maple syrup, whatever. Then I dump in a big scoop of cottage cheese and stir it all up. The cottage cheese gets warm enough from the oats. Then I microwave the fruit seperately in a mug, and then dump that on top. Easy peasy!

For lunch I had the rest of my leftover chicken curry, to which I added some steamed spinach. Can you believe this spinach started out as TWO CUPS raw? Steaming spinach is such a great way to sneak veggies into your meal!


With this, I had a half piece of naan (store bought. Not that great, actually.)


All together:


After lunch I couldn’t resist trying a small piece of my new Larabar: the peanut butter and jelly! Every blogger I’ve read seems to have been disappointed in them, but I LOVED IT. Maybe I had lowered expectations, because of the ho-hum reviews, but this tasted exactly how I expected/wanted it to taste. So good! So sad that' it’s 5 whole points though!


A little while later I had another golden delicious apple. Delicious! Like this photo with a bite out of it????


Later I finished off my Larabar with a coffee from Second Cup.


After work I hit the gym. I haven’t been in almost three weeks! Ever since it got nice enough to run outside, I’ve been doing that. But this weekend I bought some new running shoes, and I wanted to test them out on the treadmill so I could still have the option of returning them. Good thing I did too – pretty sure I bought them a half size too small. DUH. I dunno, they felt ok in the store, but I could really feel my toes hitting the ends when I was running tonight. And I do NOT want my toenails falling off! So back to the store they go.

Gym was good other than that, though. One hour on the treadmill, ran three miles and walked another 1.5. And then ran into Shaun on the way home! Nice to have my sweetie to walk home with. :)

Dinner involved this little beast. Now don’t be afraid …


Sardines! Do not fear them, people.If you like canned salmon, you will like this. I modeled my dinner after Alton Brown’s quasi-famous ‘sardine and avocado sandwich’, but just a slightly more calorie-friendly twist: less olive oil, and I used a sandwich thin instead of big crusty bread.


I gotta say, this is delicious, and so simple. A toasted sandwich thin, half an avocado, mashed, and half a tin of sardines, mashed. Top with a little salt and lemon juice.

After dinner, I had a pear. It was good too.


Now guess what I’m having while I’m blogging this???


Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh.

I tried to take a cute picture of me holding them, but I forgot I had my 1.8 lens on the camera, so instead of ‘cute portrait’, you get ‘creepy close-up’. Enjoy!