Sunday, March 28, 2010

photo lite.

I feel like I have very few photos to show you today, even though I did take pictures of everything I ate. Weekends are so weird, I often really end up eating only two meals since I eat breakfast so late.

Anyway, here goes!

I decided to go for my run earlier in the day instead of around noon as I usually do. So when I got up I wanted something light but good for a run. I opted for this:


Half a sandwich thin with about half a tbsp. of Bee’s Knees peanut butter. I love this stuff! But it turned out that this was not enough food. I don’t know, I’m starting to wonder if I should be bringing water or a sports drink or a snack or something with me when I go out. Today I did 4 miles but that takes a LOT out of me and I REALLY push myself – plus it takes 50 minutes or so and burns about 800 calories. I feel like a such a faker bringing a snack with me on a 4 mile run though! :S

Regardless, by the time I got home, I was definitely starving. I plotted my run so that my cool-down walk conveniently took me past a Starbucks. :) I grabbed a grande non-fat half-sweet no-whip cinnamon dolce latte. Yes, I am THAT person. :)

When I got home I whipped up a bowl of oatmeal. What else?!


This was flavoured with cinnamon, brown sugar and coconut butter, stirred in a big scoop of cottage cheese, and topped with dried cherries, chopped dried apricots, and dried coconut. SO GOOD.

Afterwards I headed out to finally meet up with my friend Abbie. We were supposed to hang out Thursday, and she cancelled. We rescheduled for Friday, and I cancelled. Today we finally made it!

We did a bit of shopping along College Street (I didn’t buy anything), and then we headed to Utopia for a very early dinner. Utopia is one of my favourite places to eat in that neighbourhood, and one of the only places I’m willing to actually wait for a table. (Which I usually have to do!) Luckily we were there early enough today that the dinner rush hadn’t started.

I had a glass of petite syrah, which took me forever to finish.


And I ordered my favourite: the grilled veggie and goat cheese burrito. So good! So goat cheesy!


It came with a sesame coleslaw and a side of rice and beans. I ate the whole wrap, about 2/3 of the rice, and maybe half the coleslaw.

Even though these pictures might look sunny and nice, it is actually cold and rainy here today. :( I can’t get warm tonight! So I’m drinking a big mug of Candy Cane Lane tea and I’m soon going to call it a night.

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend! Can you believe tomorrow is already Monday?? SOB.